Friday, April 24, 2009

Seahawks need to take Crabtree

OK, well the NFL Draft is Saturday, finally. All the hype is going overboard, considering most of these guys never made the expected impact. Let's face it, the NFL is the most inexact of the professional sports draft because most of the players never reach their potential. The league's stars are littered in the lower rounds and regardless how much NFL scouts examine prospects, they always seem to miss the gems. It's hard to believe some of these guys still have jobs.

The Seahawks have the fourth pick and could put all of us to sleep by taking linemen Eugene Monroe (Virginia) or Jason Smith (Baylor) or they can take a chance -- not much of one, really -- and nab Texas Tech receiver Michael Crabtree, the best player in the draft. Now, I probably would have suggested Crabtree stay in college another year because redshirt sophomore receivers generally take a while to produce (See, Robinson, Koren), but Crabtree is a physical beast and produced at the college level, emerging as the best receiver as a freshman. The Seahawks haven't had a game-breaking player since Joey Galloway, and T.J. Houshmandzadeh is a reliable receiver but not a game breaker. It's about time Seahawks GM strayed away from his conventional wisdom -- taking overrated lineman, undersized cornerbacks -- and went with the most proven player. We need a little excitement here in Seattle. Let's get Crabtree here.