Friday, May 1, 2009

This series is beyond ridiculous

What happens when to talented teams with little discipline and two below average coaches face each other? You get the Atlanta-Miami series, which reached another low point Friday when the Heat beat the uninterested Hawks 98-72. How in the world can two teams come out so consistently flat for a damn playoff game? General manager Rick Sund retained coach Mike Woodson for this season and if Atlanta loses this series, it's quite possible he could be out as coach. The Hawks can't seem to hold their attention on winning back-to-back playoff games since they have become somewhat of an Eastern Conference factor. This club has Mike Bibby, Josh Smith, Joe Johnson, Al Horford and Flip Murray. Atlanta shot 37 percent and the Hawks and the Heat are taking turns being terrible. Somewhere, LeBron James is playing his Kid-n-Play CD and giggling at the possibility of playing either opponent in the second round.

There may not be a less anticipated Game 7 than Sunday's Heat-Hawks game in Atlanta. NBA playoff basketball has to be better than this.

And I'm changing paragraphs because that Game 7 does not deserve to be in the sam sentence as Bulls-Celtics Game 7 on Saturday.