Saturday, March 14, 2009

Halftime: Arizona State 39, USC 24 (USC has nothing in tank)

LOS ANGELES -- Well you would have thought USC would enter this monumental game with major momentum and fire but it's been exactly the opposite. Arizona State has been the better team, more motivated team and smarter team.

The Sun Devils have ran their offense to perfection, relying on the dominating paint play of senior Jeff Pendergraph and the 3-point shooting of Derek Glasser, James Harden and Rihards Kuksiks. USC tied the game at 18 but then wilted and allowed Arizona State to end the game on a 21-6 run.

Taj Gibson, who was such a factor in the first two Pac-10 Tournament games, has two points and three rebounds and he can't stop the bigger Pendergraph in the paint. Pendergraph, whom may have made himself some NBA money this weekend by showing his developing jumper, has 10 points and four rebounds.

USC has no energy and looks like the team that lost at Oregon State, Stanford and Seton Hall.

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