Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Quotes, notes from Stanford 62, Oregon State 54

Stanford coach Johnny Dawkins: "It was definitely a hard-fought game and our team did a great job of defending in the second half. We showed character. Give Oregon State a lot of credit, their kids play hard for 40 minutes. They make you work for everything you get. I think we were very fortunate tonight."

Did you guys make an effort to have more energy in the second half?: "We talked about (that) at halftime, especially for our seniors. There's 20 minutes left. To be quite frank, all three make great plays in the second half. Of course Anthony (Goods) was terrific. Mitch (Johnson) made some big buckets for us and so did Lawrence (Hill). He was also very good. All four of our seniors really made big plays for us in the second half."

How will you match up with (top seed) Washington tomorrow? "They're a very good team. They're conference champions. We have to play a very good 40 minutes. It's going to be a physical game, it's going to be a hotly contested game. It's going to be testy. Probably the best thing we can do right now is have our players get off their feet and get some rest and get ready to go tomorrow."

Did you have to get Goods (23 points) motivated since he went scoreless the last game against OSU?
"I didn't think he needed to be reminded. He's our leading scorer and that's a tough but I figured he would step up in some respect. You didn't know what his numbers we're going to be but I figured he'd be ready to play."

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