Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Thoughts from OSU coach Craig Robinson

The Beavers players were obviously crushed following their 62-54 loss to Stanford, given they had beaten the Cardinal soundly in both regular season meetings and had a seven-point lead at halftime. They were outscored 41-26 in the second half and leading scorer Calvin Haynes went scoreless. It was obvious Oregon State was exhausted in their final four games, losing all by at least eight points.

Coach Craign Robinson did a remarkable job bringing the Beavers back to respectability but the tough thing about that is that the players are still devastated after the final loss of the season, regardless of how they have progressed. Robinson, a very intelligent man, chose to look at the positives following the defeat. Oregon State lost all 19 conference games last season. This year the Beavs finished 7-12.

"This was an extremely disappointing outcome but I couldn't be more proud or pleased with these guys over the course of this year. We are having a tough time coming to grips with that because we didn't want to end on a negative note, this negative note. But what I try to remind these guys is that these gusy are the same guys minus their leading scorer and one other key player that went 0-18 in this league last year."

"And by all rights and by all examples were a laughingstock in this league. And we know that. I watched the tapes. I watched how people treated them. The turnaround they did without any additional help should by duly noted and it's certainly duly noted. Again, I couldn't be more proud of this group of guys."

"(Anthony Goods) was terrific. He hit some open shots which we we're disappointed in but he also hit some contested shots. He looked much more inspired than he did the first two times we played them. I can't take anything away from him. We played good defense and kept them to the kind of point total that we like to keep people. But he still got going."

Forward Roeland Schaeftenaar (12 points): "Obviously (this year) has been a lot more fun than last year. But it's just tough for us right now to end this way."

Sophomore guard Lathem Wallace: "I agree with Roeland. We had a great season and we ended on a bad note. And we have improved."

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